Posted by: Matthew Molinari | April 26, 2012

Think Like You’re Starting Over

The best thing about reworking a part of your business is that you are able to take all the things that don’t work and correct them. Many times these types of projects can be costly and stressful but in the end you can look forward to coming out on the other end with a more efficient business.

Unfortunately, you can’t rework you business every year or even every five years but that doesn’t mean that you can’t think about your operations in new ways.

The first thing many people do when embarking on a new project is make a list of all the items that need to be updated, why and what changes need to be implemented. I’d challenge you to think about your employees and business in this way everyday.

Just because you aren’t knocking down walls and spending tons of money doesn’t mean you can’t find opportunities for change and improvement in your day-to-day operations. The key is to start looking at your operations as if you were starting from scratch. Too often we get stuck in the monotony of routines and continue doing things the wrong way because that is how it was always done. And let’s face it, change is hard. It takes time and effort and a lot of work on multiple levels.

However, if you look at those smaller bumps in your daily routine and think about how they should be running, you can implement ways to change them. Take for instance your inventory storage room.

Perhaps it is a mess and it is effecting your purchasing, taking too long to count and leading to theft from a lack of tracking. Maybe you can’t rebuild the storage room but you can retrain your employees, buy some new storage racks and put someone in charge of monitoring the room on a daily basis.

What are some ways you’d like to go about reworking a current system in your business that is not operating in the most efficient manner?


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