Posted by: Matthew Molinari | March 27, 2012

Please Excuse Grammatical Errors

Over the past few weeks I have been paying closer and closer attention to the grammatical errors I find in emails and other professional work. I think that all these misspellings and typos are due in part to the familiar nature of online communications and many people viewing all communication media as one platform.

There does not appear to be much of a differentiation between a text sent to your friend and a business email sent to co-workers or customers – and that is just crazy. Granted, I majored in English for my undergrad so maybe I am more sensitive to it but more often than not the mistakes I see are those you should have learned in grade school.

Need some tips on creating a professional email? Check out this video:

Overall, I think that the way people write in an email or other communications matters because it really says more about how they view the recipient. If you’re not taking the time to review an email before you send it to me, that demonstrates how much value you put in our communication which sends me the message that I don’t matter enough to you. You’re essentially wasting my time by sending me incomplete work. You’d be amazed how many times I get an email with 2 or 3 words omitted right in the middle of a sentence.

Sure, maybe you really don’t understand the difference between you’re and your and with our education system, I could believe that. However, a poorly constructed email says one of two things to me:

1) You really don’t know how to compose a complete thought in an educated manner

2) You do know how to but just don’t want to spend the time to review your work before you give it to me

If it’s the first, then why should I trust you with my business if you can’t even string together 5 coherent sentences? If it’s the second, is there any reason for our relationship to continue if you don’t value my time enough to do a quick review? How we communicate says a lot about us and sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest differences.

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