Posted by: Matthew Molinari | March 15, 2012

The Logistics of Basketball

If you are watching college basketball this week chances are you’ll see this UPS commercial about logistics. The commercial demonstrates the importance of logistics in getting the final product and is framed around Christian Laettner’s game winning shot in the NCAA tournament. I must have seen this video at least 100 times in my life and I never thought about it in terms of the pass.

UPS completely reframes the moment around how that ball ended up in the exact right spot at the exact right time so that Laettner could hit the shot. If anything about the delivery of that ball is different, he probably doesn’t hit the shot. The same is true for business, the only thing the customer bases their judgement of your company on is that last interaction they have.

If the sales person was friendly, and the customer walked away with the product satisfied, all the other links in the chain are invisible. That is actually a sign that your supply chain is working properly. You were able to safely get the customer what they wanted when they wanted it. If at any point during the process one of the pieces fell short, you don’t make the best pass and your company could miss the shot.

I think what UPS is really saying is that if you perfect the procedure, the end product is almost always going to be a slam dunk with your customers.

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