Posted by: Matthew Molinari | March 7, 2012

Listen and Learn

I stumbled upon this article by Scott Goodson which I thought was really good and ties into this video well. I think it touches on some important points in terms of what a company can do in the evolving world of marketing. Scott focused mainly on the ability of a company to use social media revolutions to their advantage to promote social change.

While I agree that companies should engage in corporate social responsibility, I was particularly intrigued by one idea: listen to what your people are crying out for. This seems pretty straight forward but it’s amazing how often companies think they know what a their target market is looking for only to find out they are way off base.

I recently wrote a blog about Netlix doing this exact same thing. So, while it seems simple, even companies as big as Netflix can completely miss the point. The worst thing a company can do is assume they know what a customer wants and will accept. That is exactly what Netflix did. They failed to communicate what the changes were going to be and thought customers would be OK with the new set up. The plan didn’t really work out that well for them.

Social media outlets give companies access to customer information that is unprecedented – and it’s all free. What used to take focus groups and surveys can now be achived by creating a Twitter account. Customer’s have evolved over the last 50 years and that evolution has gone into overdrive in the past 10 years all thanks to social media.

People don’t want to be talked to, they want to be a part of a larger conversation and in many cases, they don’t even need to involve the business selling them the product. People are out their reviewing, commenting and critiquing 24 hours a day with other customers. It gives them a sense of community and a relationship with the product they are using.

If you’re not monitoring and engaging those people and acknowledging their opinions, your product won’t be in the conversation for much longer.

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